The Deadline Has Landed

10 Aug


As Douglas Adams said “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by”. And so, thankfully, it has proved with the fight to save the Rotunda.

Threatened with losing this beautiful Godalming building to rival residential property development bidders The Rotunda Theatre Group’s campaign team faced a nail biting wait as August 10th came. And then went.

As we speak, the rival bid has failed to exchange contracts and as such, we have effectively been given a stay of execution. How long this is and how much it is an indication of the long term stability of the opposing plan, it wouldn’t be right to speculate on. However, such as it is, it represents a final chance for us to get the message out to investors large and small: Godalming can have the professional theatre it richly deserves if we combine our talents, pool our resources and all add to the pot. Our goal has always been simple: whether we have one owner or several, let’s get this building off the market and into the hands of the right people. People who want to bring a cultural legacy to the town that can artistically sustain both young and old, locally and nationally. If you’ve thought about calling that Great Aunt with a trust fund or the reclusive millionaire that lives on top of the hill or simply have wanted to donate yourself, do it now. They only need to be written pledges at this time but we hope to announce an online portal for donations in the coming week. In the meantime, let’s seize this last opportunity to push our campaign over the line. Thank you to you all for the support so far, it has been inspiring and overwhelming. The media coverage is testament to that already. The website is now close to receiving 3000 hits from everywhere from Sri Lanka to Stratford and the offer of assistance has also been truly humbling. I have no doubt that the volunteer and professional network we’ve already established will do a fantastic job once we’ve secured the funding we need.

So, one last (extra) time – Forward the link, share the news and keep the faith.

Best wishes and fingers crossed,

Bob Cryer

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